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The Benefits of an Effective International Mail Tracking System

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An Innovative Change in World Courier Tracking

With the eCommerce industry changing the way consumers shop, there is a need for an innovative change in both local and international mail delivery systems. Retailers and customers depend on an effective delivery system where international mail tracking should be easy. This means, the way shipments are delivered should be up to par with the current eCommerce markets.

For instance, most delivery companies do not give a detailed tracking update into where exactly an international mail shipment may currently be. When a customer is left wondering where their shipment is and why the delivery is taking longer than expected, it reduces the quality of customer service.

With ShipTrack, a world courier tracking application, both companies and receiving customers can be satisfied that a shipment transaction is handled efficiently and in a timely manner. Here are some of the benefits of using the ShipTrack application for international mail tracking:

ShipTrack’s Track and Trace System in The Benefits of an Effective International Mail Tracking SystemShipTrack’s Track and Trace System

With the in-transit scanning function, this international mail tracking application enables the driver to take and upload photos of an item if ever there is any damage. The driver can also update the status of a delivery if something unexpected happens like an engine failure or an accident en-route. The customer can always be aware of any of these changes as well as their shipment’s location from their end with their package or mail tracking number.

All of this done through the easy-to-use interface of the ShipTrack App, which works on any device running iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS. User with personal computers can simply log in through our web-based portal and access any of the application information in real-time.

Speed Up Invoicing in The Benefits of an Effective International Mail Tracking SystemSpeed Up Invoicing

With this world class courier tracking system, there is reduced time spent on preparing and printing invoices. It is much easier for invoices to be kept on a database then to be filed through a record keeper. ShipTrack makes invoices easy to generate and can also be set to auto-generate upon mail or package delivery.

Another benefit is that ShipTrack can generate a complete proof of delivery. In doing so, it eliminates having to rely on paper records, storing those documents and reduces time spent on creating documents.

Increase Speed and Reliability in The Benefits of an Effective International Mail Tracking SystemIncrease Delivery Speed and Reliability

The ShipTrack application is great for retailers with their own delivery fleets or third-party firms. With automatic route planning and driver dispatch, the track and trace world courier tracking system helps shipments of similar local and international destinations get on the same truck. In turn, this enables an efficient delivery of all the driver’s shipments without going out of their way.

Delivery is faster and more reliable because of the well-thought-out features in the system that regular courier companies currently do not have. Ultimately, a world courier tracking system such as ShipTrack helps make international mail tracking much more personalized by allowing customers to see where their shipment or mail is.

Tracking systems of the past often required hardware, servers, and expensive service agreements. With ShipTrack however, the drivers use their own smartphones to update the status of the shipments they are delivering which eliminates all needless upfront hardware and server costs. The system automatically re-calculates the route in case of changes and both customers and drivers benefit from the increased efficiency.

Each driver’s status can be found via GPS location on their truck. Since international mail tracking can be done so easily with the ShipTrack application, companies now have the tool they were looking for to help them reduce overall costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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