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The Importance of a Contractor-Ready Platform for Fluctuating Demand

ShipTrack BlogPost the importance of a contractor ready platform for fluctuating demand

A Review of Delivery Lessons Learned During the Busiest Time of Year

Supply and demand for almost any product or service are bound to fluctuate over time. Often, these fluctuations are unpredictable—but that’s not always the case. There are, of course, timeframes during which heightened demand for a product is expected, giving businesses time to prepare. A prime example of predicted increase in demand begins every year on Black Friday, and continues through to Boxing Week, when businesses in a wide variety of industries experience their busiest, most profitable time of year.

In the same way that retail stores are forced to hire seasonal staff to help mitigate the influx of shoppers during this time of year, a spike in e-commerce orders leaves courier companies, especially those offering services such as delivery express and parcel tracking, no choice but to employ independent contractors to complete deliveries within the promised time frame. Year after year, these courier companies learn that having a scalable, contractor-ready logistics platform is critical to ensuring efficiency. Here’s why:

Eliminate the Learning Curve in The Importance of a Contractor-Ready Platform for Fluctuating DemandEliminate the Learning Curve

When working with independent contractors, especially within a limited timeframe, it’s better for everyone involved if they require minimal training. If the software you’re using to deploy deliveries and perform parcel tracking can be used on different devices and operating systems, independent contractors will be able to use their own phones and tablets, thereby eliminating the need to navigate unfamiliar software. Use of an intuitive interface will reduce the amount of time and resources required for training.

No Hardware Overheads in The Importance of a Contractor-Ready Platform for Fluctuating DemandNo Hardware Overheads

The use of software that can be deployed on any device also eliminates the need to purchase expensive and unnecessary hardware that will only be used temporarily. With a contractor-ready system, you’ll be able to easily manage the number of contractors deployed to accommodate the fluctuating demand for express delivery, without worrying about hardware overheads.

Deliver Faster in The Importance of a Contractor-Ready Platform for Fluctuating DemandDeliver Faster

Along with unbelievable prices on fantastic products, these sales often include the promise of fast delivery times. A purchase made on Black Friday is expected to arrive by Christmas, and a Boxing Day buy comes with a guaranteed arrival date just a few days later. In order to ensure you meet these customer expectations, you need to maximize driver time. A parcel tracking platform that offers automatic route planning, turn-by-turn directions, re-routing capabilities, and capacity monitoring is an incredible asset.

No Strings Attached in The Importance of a Contractor-Ready Platform for Fluctuating DemandNo Strings Attached

When demand for delivery express and parcel tracking subsides, so will your relationship with your independent contractors. Rather than being left with a device that no longer serves a purpose, or initiating a complicated process for termination, simply delete the account.

During these busy times, the logistics platform that you implement will have a tremendous impact on how effectively your drivers are able to handle an increased demand for delivery, express or otherwise. A logistics platform that is intuitive, scalable, and contractor-ready will be your best asset by far.

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