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Top 3 Features Of Courier Software

BlogPost top 3 features of courier software

GPS scanning, load validation and time stamps are three capabilities required of any courier firm today

Courier companies face many challenges in their day-to-day operations.  These challenges often revolve around partners, consumers and time constraints. However, the right tracking software can provide drivers the resources they need to be effective at their jobs. The simplest of tracking software features can make all the difference in delivery jobs, yet they are often difficult to implement.

For your courier company to be successful, the top 3 features include:

Load Validation in Top 3 Features Of Courier SoftwareLoad Validation

Courier companies often have no control over what happens in warehouses or inventory rooms before they pick up shipments. Commonly resulting in unorganized shipments, misplaced items and truck mix-ups, which can lead to late or lost packages. This upsets end consumers and negatively impacts your firm's reputation. Having management software for load validation is a way to solve delivery mishaps.

Load validation is a ShipTrack feature that allows drivers to see a manifest of exactly what shipments he/she is managing that day. After scanning each item, the mobile app confirms that it is correct. This leaves zero room for package mix-ups. Load validation not only decreases human error, it also allows:

  • for public tracking of shipments
  • reduces customer service calls
  • reduces overhead

Scanning in Top 3 Features Of Courier SoftwareScanning

Knowing which driver is in charge of each shipment and where they are at all times ensures full control. ShipTrack scanning features enable drivers to automatically transmit data to dispatchers, shippers and, if desirable, consignees. This data includes their time and location of each scanning procedure. This feature is essential when moving shipments through a chain of custody of multiple drivers or companies.  This visibility leaves no doubt as to who is accountable for shipments at all times.

Time Stamps in Top 3 Features Of Courier SoftwareTime Stamps

Time stamps let you know the exact scan event date for each shipment, down to the hour. This feature is critical for consumer demands such as same-day delivery and public tracking. This feature is valuable for industries with time-critical shipments.  Examples are  food delivery or health care deliveries. A prime example is for hospital labs, when delivering blood samples with a shelf life. These shipments need real-time tracking and have zero tolerance for late deliveries.

These tracking features will enable a courier company to succeed and grow. Improving your reliability and driver effectiveness will improve customer service, establish reputable partnerships and reduce general overhead.  It will also mitigate costly mistakes by providing accurate data to customer service representatives. Don’t let your courier company be impacted by the lack of reliability of others by embracing new technologies. 

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