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Track a Package: Best Practices

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Follow These Steps to Ensure Successful Deployment of Package-Tracking Software

Organizations that offer delivery of goods and services—whether it is home delivery to consumers or delivery to a business—are continually being faced with new challenges. This includes the threat of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

These businesses are consistently improving their practices, and offering new services that were not even logistically possible just a few years ago, including the ability for customers to track a package anywhere in the world using package tracker software.

In order to provide exceptional service, best practices are being refined for the implementation and maintenance of successful and competitive delivery services. While these might differ between industries, they’ll apply to any business offering delivery services.

Always Have a Plan in Track a PackageAlways Have a Plan

The first step in any successful venture is the development of a plan. In order to offer effective delivery to your customers, your organization must establish tracker guidelines and procedures to be followed, in the same way that you would develop procedures for things like customer relations. Your guidelines should be based on well-researched standards, incorporating your organization’s assets in a way that will enable optimal performance. Invest in specialized tools and training, and regularly measure your performance against the industry standards. Also take into consideration what your customers are looking for, and thus what could make their experience with your company better. While you should develop a plan that meets your needs as an organization, you’ll need to consider customer needs and demands too. Routes may need to be adjusted to accommodate a coffee shop that can only receive shipments before they open, or for the bar that requires a delivery at precisely the same time each day.

Implement New Technology in Track a PackageImplement New Technology

To maintain a competitive advantage in this industry, the use of cutting-edge technology is critical. Gone are the days of putting a customer on hold while calling your driver to track a package. You no longer have to be a large international courier company to give your customers a system for tracking a package. Instead, invest into highly accurate and controlled package tracker software technology that includes the features customers are demanding. Many systems today include more than just tools for tracking a package. You can now manage multiple drivers and simplify invoicing; your drivers can provide status updates on shipments, and automatically report their location from the road. This allows you to not only streamline your operations, but increase your delivery speed and reliability too, while improving customer service and retention.

Make Improvements in Track a PackageMake Improvements

Frequently analyze your performance data to determine where improvements can be made. Figures like drive times, the number of customers tracking packages, and percentages of deliveries made on-time can tell you whether you’re meeting your customers’ needs, where to increase efficiency, and when to adjust schedules and processes. Using this data, you can develop action plans for improving the planning, deployment, and management of resources. Furthermore, the old saying, “The customer is always right,” certainly holds true when delivering goods and services. Remember to take into consideration the customers’ reviews and feedback when trying to improve your plan of action. Customer feedback can vital to making the improvements where they count the most, and therefore retain more customers with exceptional service.

Therefore, regardless of your industry, having a well-thought-out plan is the first step to successful deployment of package-tracking software. Upon implementing this plan, be sure to use a platform that offers a number of solutions, while offering highly accurate tracking software. Once implemented, use the data collected from this software, alongside the feedback from customers, to further improve your process.

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