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Tracking Improves Visibility When Shipping by Air

BlogPost tracking improves visibility when shipping by air

Waybill and International Mail Tracking Provide Shipping Visibility and Accuracy for Customers

Traditionally, when shipping international mail by air, the sender brings the item to a postal office and wishes for the best. The sender never knows where the item is afterward and whether or not it safely arrived at its destination.

Now, businesses can leverage Electronic waybill tracking to improve shipment visibility. This has benefits both internally and for  their customers, enhancing the overall experience for everyone.

Electronic shipment records are easy for customers, companies, couriers, and delivery drivers to access. Updated in real-time, each party has an accurate record to refer to and can easily check the status of the delivery.

This visibility is especially important in international mail tracking. Packages are shipped through many different couriers and airlines, and have a greater risk of getting lost en route.

Improved Visibility in Tracking Improves VisibilityImproved Visibility

With an international mail tracking app, delivery drivers and couriers can update the status of their pickups and deliveries immediately. They can do this right from their mobile phones. Companies and customers can continue to track the delivery online and receive notifications about any delays in shipment.

If there are any concerns about the location of the international mail, the electronic waybill tracking record can be accessed online. This record has detailed information on times, locations, and couriers. In this way users can monitor the chain of custody with accuracy and efficiency.

Customized Customer Experience in Tracking Improves VisibilityCustomized Customer Experience

Providing real-time updates to customers with electronic waybill tracking ensures they always have accurate information on the status of their shipment. This, in turn, creates a stress-free and improved customer experience.

Accurate delivery times are another benefit to customers. Knowing exactly when a package will arrives takes a lot of worry out of the shipping process and helps put customers at ease. Because electronic waybill tracking stays up-to-date at every stage of shipment, customers can plan around delivery.

An all-too-common complaint about the delivery process is that couriers tend to attempt delivery at the same time each day. This is especially frustrating when customers receive a notification about attempted home delivery when they’re at work.

Electronic Proof of Delivery in Tracking Improves VisibilityElectronic Proof of Delivery

Once a delivery is made, the courier will ask for an electronic signature from the customer. This signature is automatically included in the electronic waybill. Additionally, a proof of delivery is sent to the company, customer, and couriers.

Easy access to the electronic signature and proof of delivery is useful for both companies and customers. If a customer didn’t receive their package, the company can look up if and when someone signed for the package and use the electronic records for proof.

Since international mail shipped by air is a part of a longer chain of custody, there are more chances of it getting lost or delayed. But waybill tracking, greater visibility and transparency greatly reduce these chances. This visibility improves both company operations and customer experience thanks to the detailed online records of the packages and their locations.

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