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Having the proper transportation dispatch software for your company provides you with the benefit of having full control through out every transportation process. Essentially, with electronic invoicing, webinars, vehicle tracking, a customer database and 24/7 support through IOS, android and the cloud, the possibilities are endless. More specifically, with ShipTrack, the options go far beyond just simply tracking. With our features you can get your drivers to their destinations safely and efficiently.  At the same time you will benefit from reduced costs regardless of your business size. Below you will find some of the key elements that ShipTrack can provide when it comes to a transportation dispatch software:

Electronic Invoicing in Transportation dispatch softwareElectronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing is not just an environmentally friendly option, but is simply a quicker and more affordable process for your company. When doing things electronically you are able to also enhance your business to run as efficiently as possible. In addition, doing things electronically, allows for better accuracy. Electronic versions of documents are more accurate simply because there are fewer steps and people in the process. Furthermore, you can also keep track of the last person who was responsible for an invoice.  This ensures accountability. The advantages are pretty.  Using electronic invoicing saves you a significant amount of money when it comes to paper and postage costs.  It also takes less time to enter information in the accounting system because everything is more integrated. Lastly, the speed at which invoicing can now be done is unbeatable. Invoices can be sent and paid much, much, faster than paper, eliminating lots of wasted time. Studies have shown that the sooner a customer receives your invoice the sooner they will pay it. To put it in perspective, about 5 years ago, the US treasury expected the implementation of electronic invoicing to save $450 million yearly.    You can see the financial benefit just from invoicing.

Webinars in Transportation dispatch softwareWebinars

Signing up for a webinar is extremely beneficial because you can receive real-time information on how a software can benefit your company.  Webinars also include a full demonstration of the software from an expert. Essentially, webinars are the best way to effectively share what you know with a group of people no matter where they are across the globe. For any business, you want to know what you are signing up for before committing to it. With a webinar you are receiving exactly that, and for free.  Furthermore, our webinars at ShipTrack are tailored to you.  Our product experts will take you through our software and you will be able to see how it will support your particular workflows.

Vehicle Tracking in Transportation dispatch softwareVehicle Tracking

By tracking  your vehicles, you can keep a close eye on if your drivers' performance and ensure everything is running smoothly. Furthermore, you can see if there are any delays, weather issues, traffic or roadblocks during a delivery.  If delays ocur, you will not only be aware of them but can also re-adjust routes to take corrective measures.

 “Driver locations and mapping in real time allows us to ensure the right order gets to the right driver to ensure every order is delivered on time every time.” - A ShipTrack User

Customer Database in Transportation dispatch softwareCustomer Database

A customer database is important because it allows you to collect your customer information which can then be used with your CRM. The advantages of this type of database is that it helps your business understand your customers more in-depth and use this information to your advantage. In addition, based on the extent of your customer database, you can offer a more personalized service. The 3 key advantages of a customer database are the:

  • ability to analyze data
  • simplicity of being able to retrieve data conveniently
  • level of security which ensures that only authorized users can access this data


"On-line Support

If a customer has an issue, you want to be able to resolve it quickly. By offering online support, you can provide the data necessary to help them and improve communication. With ShipTrack support available 24/7, business hours and online support, you are sure to get your questions answered as soon as possible. When you choose ShipTrack as your management software you can rest assured that our team is there to ensure you get maximum benefit from our technology, quickly and efficiently. From the beginning, a project manager will be your central point of contact and will marshall the timing and involvement of resources required to help you meet business objectives.  After all, delivering your return on investment is why we built ShipTrack.

Accessible on all Platforms in Transportation dispatch softwareAccessible on all Platforms

Fortunately, ShipTrack software  is accessible on multiple platforms. We are quite happy about being cloud-based.  However it is also beneficial to offer our software to both android and IOS users. This ensures we aren’t excluding anyone from being able to use our software. As a transportation dispatch software, it’s important that any driver can simply pull out their device and have access to ShipTrack. The right transportation dispatch software is one that is as flexible, easy-to-use and as cost-effective as possible. ShipTrack, a leader in this industry, can provide you with all of this and the best part,  it is easy to integrate. With ShipTrack, you allow all your customers across the world to have complete control and visibility over all their shipments. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals with our software.

“Support from the whole Shiptrack team while implementing and operating the solution was phenomenal. As a vendor partner, the Shiptrack team was fully committed to whatever was required to drive success in using their software to achieve our results.”- Jason T, field operations manager

  If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of ShipTrack for your company, please click the following link to book a demo with us: Get a Demo

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