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Waybill Tracking Challenges and Solutions

ShipTrack BlogPost waybill tracking challenges and solutions

Stay ahead of the World Courier Tracking Curve by Addressing These 5 Questions

Around the world, courier tracking and waybill tracking have become the new standard in delivering exceptional service—particularly for the last mile delivery portion of the shipment. Those couriers and transportation services providers that offer it have taken full advantage of emerging technological trends, from the tracking and logistics software itself to the boom in eCommerce that has made it so vital. If you’re looking for a tracking solution for your firm, here are three challenges that you need to address:

Competitive Advantage in Waybill Tracking Challenges and SolutionsCompetitive Advantage

As one of the most important factors in business, a competitive advantage provides the edge you need over your competitors. In courier services, the most common competitive advantages are speed, accuracy, and quality of service. Look for the logistics platform that can provides these as a cost-effective, functional service. An effective track and trace solution streamlines processes, particularly in the last mile, and limits margin of error with deliveries. One such way is route optimization, where an ideal route for each driver is planned in advance using the geographic locations of each delivery. By calculating routes that maximize deliveries and decrease drive time, each driver can increase their efficiency, significantly reducing operation costs.

Is It Scalable and Adaptable in Waybill Tracking Challenges and SolutionsIs It Scalable and Adaptable?

Times change, businesses grow, and in an ideal business, nothing stays still for long. Staying ahead of the curve is essential in world courier tracking industries. As business practices evolve, your solutions should evolve with them, facilitating key elements like proof of delivery and chain of custody tracking. And by choosing a scalable platform, your business has room to grow, while your waybill tracking platform continues to perform. Furthermore, with adaptable platforms, your company will only pay for that it uses. So, you never have to worry about fluctuations costing you valuable money.

Can It Be Integrated Seamlessly in Waybill Tracking Challenges and Solutions Can It Be Integrated Seamlessly?

If you’re already in the business, then your infrastructure is already established, so any additional logistics software to be compatible with it. Cloud-based services can be easily integrated with any existing system because there is no hardware to install, and there are no IT staff to hire and train. Such systems are usable through web portals and mobile apps that can be deployed with ease automatically using the technology you already have, and many offer scalable payment models. If your fleet uses independent contractors—like many do—then chances are, they already own their own mobile devices. Thus, you want your waybill-tracking to be user-friendly and provide cross-platform support for iOS, Android, etc. Effective integration allows you to easily manage the number of contractors you deploy to accommodate fluctuating demand, without worrying about hardware overheads.

World courier tracking is a growing factor in the transportation and delivery industry. Don’t let yourself fall behind—but just as importantly, think before you proceed. Look for a waybill tracking platform that gives you a competitive advantage, that is scalable and adaptable, which can be integrated seamlessly.

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