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What Ecommerce Growth in Europe Means for Product Delivery and Tracking Packages

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Why International Mail Tracking Is No Longer Optional

It’s no secret that online e-commerce is growing globally and you don’t have to be a business owner to know that. According to eMarketer, retail ecommerce sales in Canada made up around 5.2 percent of total retail sales last year. Although that doesn’t seem like an overly impressive number, what businesses need to consider is that it’s an industry that continues to show steady and predictable growth.

As a result, the same eMarketer data suggests by 2018 that total amount of ecommerce sales will rise all the way up to 8.2 percent. Though ecommerce is certainly growing in Canada and North America, data for Europe shows that our friends across the pond have a slightly more mature market, almost doubling Canada’s market. Studies by Americommerce also predict that European online buyers will make more transactions and spend more per transaction every year.

Concerns Today in What Ecommerce Growth in Europe Means for Product Delivery and Tracking PackagesConcerns Today

In order to successfully tap into burgeoning international markets, businesses need to address shipping issues such as international mail tracking and tracking packages. In addition, when you’re shipping domestically, your main concerns are loss and damage. But when you ship internationally your concerns also include seizure and duty. Without carefully tracking packages or using an international mail tracking system, you, as a business owner, leave yourself vulnerable to these concerns.

Future Effects in What Ecommerce Growth in Europe Means for Product Delivery and Tracking PackagesFuture Effects

But what exactly are the repercussions of said issues? Well for starters, they could lead to lost business. If a buyer orders your product and receives it late, damaged or not at all, not only are they less likely to order from your company again, there is also the chance that they will post a negative review about their experience. This can be detrimental to your business when you factor in a study by Oneupweb, which found that 40.9 percent of customers surveyed say they look for onsite customer reviews when shopping online.

Tracking Packages is Expected in What Ecommerce Growth in Europe Means for Product Delivery and Tracking PackagesTracking Packages is Expected

Tracking packages is no longer a luxury as more and more customers deem tracking packages to be essential and when you expand your business, the importance of international mail tracking increases even further. International sales may dramatically increase your company’s profit potential, but without international mail tracking it can also greatly increase a number of risks too.

At the end of the day, being able to track your packages internationally helps both you and consumers across the map to keep them at ease knowing every step of the shipping process. Especially now a days with consumers expecting it, why not provide it and make things easier for both parties?

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