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White Glove Services & Shipment Tracking

BlogPost white glove services and shipment tracking

By offering white glove services, companies can distinguish themselves and offer added value.

The Internet has made shopping for products and services extremely easy. With a quick search of a company's name, shoppers can read reviews and within minutes, evaluate if a  product or service is worth purchasing. The wealth of information available to potential customers has made it more important than ever to stand out.

Demand for White Glove Service in White Glove Services & Shipment TrackingDemand for White Glove Service

These services are part of the customer's buying experience, and typically go above and beyond customer expectations. When given the choice, customers will usually choose the company that offers these white glove services.

If this sounds familiar, it should. One of the most common white glove services is the ability to track packages and shipments. Though it's often not thought of as a white glove service, it's still providing value during the purchasing process. When it's not available, customers notice.

Competitive Edge in White Glove Services & Shipment TrackingCompetitive Edge

As tracking packages becomes increasingly detailed and comprehensive, an increasing amount of value is built into the service. Not only can customers determine how they receive their shipment, it's extremely easy for them to track its exact location at every stage.

By providing peace of mind and a complete perspective on where each parcel is en route, it's clear that customers are going to value a business they know they can depend on. Offering detailed and visible tracking options is absolutely a white glove service for customers.

In turn, this provides a competitive edge to the businesses that offers this service and is crucial  to differentiating yourself from the competition.

Importance of Customer Feedback in White Glove Services & Shipment TrackingImportance of Customer Feedback

It's easy for customers to write bad reviews online and for potential customers to read them. These reviews will cause hesitance for customers to purchase the product or service. Fortunately, there are ways the reviews can be addressed.

For instance, if a customer is unhappy with the state of a product when it arrives, offering to replace it is a great first step. A tracking system can ensure customers receive the replacement without delay. Finally, offering to have staff personally deliver and install the item is a great way to provide white glove services.

White glove delivery tracking is about meeting and exceeding your customer's needs. It means providing an exceptional shopping experience from the purchase to the time of delivery. If you offer package tracking services, you will be improving customer satisfaction.

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