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Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery Services

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction is Easy When They Can Track a Package That Arrives Quickly

There’s a little phrase that has completely transformed the way eCommerce works, changing the landscape so much that it has forced companies into two divisions: those that offer timely fulfillment, and those that don’t. The phrase “same day delivery” promises that, when you order something online, your goods will reach you within 24 hours of completing your purchase. If you’re not implementing these services into your delivery capabilities, then you are going to lose customers to someone who does.

The Competitive Edge in Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery ServicesThe Competitive Edge

People like getting fulfillment as quickly as they can. If they didn’t, we would never have bothered pushing the envelop to create the cutting-edge technology that pushes the world forward. Both B2C and B2B businesses can benefit from same day delivery, even more so when their competitors don’t offer it.

Put yourself in the shoes of your client. If you have the option of having something you want within 24 hours, as opposed to a week from now, you’re likely to pick the more immediate fulfillment—even if it costs more. This is even truer during holidays, or in industries like automotive parts where your client needs to be back on the road sooner rather than later. By offering a more immediate delivery and the ability to track a package, you are making your business the obvious choice for customers.

Customer Loyalty in Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery ServicesCustomer Loyalty

What’s better than getting a paying customer? Retaining a customer. Even better than that is a customer who uses your service again and spreads positive word-of-mouth about you, leading more customers to the service you offer. When you follow through on the promise of same day delivery, you are creating good will with your customers, which in turn builds trust in your brand. Brand loyalty is an indispensable business asset, and you have the power to build it when you implement 24-hour shipping.

You can further improve customer satisfaction when you allow them to track a package as it progresses from the distribution centre to their front door. This allows them to plan for its delivery—if they need to have someone home to receive it or pay a COD, for example. This

adds increased value by decreasing the risk of a missed delivery, which can quickly become a hassle and inconvenience for your customers. When you allow clients to track a package, you improve the odds of a satisfied and fulfilled customer.

The Bottom Line in Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery ServicesThe Bottom Line

Don’t let your e-commerce business or shipping company get left behind while your competitors flourish. When you implement same day delivery, you’re empowering your business to go above and beyond customer expectations, and you make your business stand ahead of the crowd.

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