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Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipment Tracking

ShipTrack BlogPost why your small business should invest in shipment tracking

Many small courier companies make the mistake of thinking that they can’t compete with larger companies

Many small courier companies make the mistake of thinking that they can’t compete with larger companies. In addition, they believe they shouldn’t be held to the same standards. The fact is, big or small, your company should make customer satisfaction your top priority. As a result, this means providing them with package tracking ability.

As a bike courier company, or a small local shipper, customers receiving shipments have come to expect the control and convenience that only technology can provide. You may believe that your small business doesn’t have the ability to support a complex online package tracking system, but this simply isn’t true. It’s possible to give your customers the features and visibility that they are demanding, and here’s why you should:

Exceed customer expectations in Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipment TrackingExceed Customer Expectations

The customer is always right, and your customers are demanding shipment tracking ability. They want to know exactly where their shipment is, and when they can expect to receive it, regardless of who, or how many hands it passes through along the way.

Customers also expect to receive their shipments on time. With a package tracking system that automatically processes incoming orders and allocates them to drivers based on route, and streamlines communication between drivers and dispatchers, you may even deliver ahead of time!

Appear as professional as you are in Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipment TrackingAppear as Professional as You are

Just because you are a small company, doesn’t mean you are an amateur business, and there is no reason that you should appear that way to your customers. If a customer has to call your office and be put on hold until you reach your driver, just to discover where their package is headed, it’s safe to say they’ll be less than impressed.

Furthermore, a driver arriving with a shipment tracking device that has electronic signature capture and branded proof of delivery, will appear more professional than had they arrived using a pen and paper system.

Save on costs in Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipment TrackingSave on Costs

When you think of implementing shipment tracking, it’s likely that you imagine the technology currently being used by large international courier companies is the only solution, and an expensive one at that. Expensive licensing fees and software costs just don’t make sense, but luckily there’s another solution. Package tracking systems can even eliminate invoicing delays by triggering the invoice at the point of delivery. This results in a faster time to cash by reducing your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), not to mention reduces the costs associated with paying someone to process paper invoices.

Transition seamlessly in Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Shipment TrackingTransition Seamlessly

So, you don’t have servers, or IT staff? No problem! Your shipment tracking system can be set up in a matter of hours, and you can even test it out with one transport vehicle as an introduction. When you find that it works, you can begin to implement it with more vehicles. Not to mention, the system is so easy to use, that training will take no time at all!

You believe that your company can’t afford to implement a package tracking system, but in reality, you can’t afford not to! Small businesses can easily compete with larger companies, as long as the right software is being implemented. Don’t let the size of your company impact your customer service.

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