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How You Can Expand Your Business Network

ShipTrack cares about your company’s success. That’s why we’ve created a technology platform that allows you to streamline every aspect of your business and enjoy scalable, repeatable and profitable growth. ShipTrack is proven to help companies build high quality business partnerships and expand your network of business contacts.

This is how ShipTrack helps expand your business:


ShipTrack is a growth platform. Our customers range in size from mom and pop shops that manage 300 daily deliveries, to enterprise clients that deliver hundreds of thousands of shipments every day. ShipTrack expands without limits. As a cloud platform, the ability to manage and store business information is virtually limitless. The features ShipTrack offers were designed to help smaller organizations handle more and more shipments, and larger clients to become more efficient while continuing to grow.  The platform’s primary growth-enabling capabilities are:  

  • performance management
  • Reporting
  • route optimization
  • auto dispatching and more  


Using ShipTrack will not only make you an attractive option for new prospects, but once you acquire new partners – you’ll have them for good. ShipTrack re-enforces long-term business relationships by encouraging business partners to use the same tracking management software as you.  Encouraging your business partners to run on the same platform will streamline your processes and communication, as well as increase overall functionality and efficiency. Once you are running on ShipTrack, your partners will be encouraged to run on it as well and so on to their partners, ensuring everyone is running on and benefiting from one, connected management network.


ShipTrack is a fully customizable platform for a range of uses. While at heart we are a shipping and tracking management software, we can deliver value to a number of industries from retail, government, manufacturing, automotive and healthcare. We have a team of dedicated technical service reps to work closely with you to customize the platform as needed. Certain key customizations are easily accomplished by users by simply checking or unchecking boxes in the setup portal. Other more complex customizations are easily taken care of by our technical team. When pursuing new markets with new business partners or pursuing existing business leads, ShipTrack provides customization options. ShipTrack’s customization flexibility means increased business opportunity for you now and in the future. 

With advanced, functional yet affordable management software, like ShipTrack, the opportunities for business growth are huge.  Automating your processes and having full visibility and control over your shipments will build your partner network and bolster you in becoming a competitive, sustainable company.

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