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Same-Day Delivery Challenges and Solutions

Same-day delivery is an exceptional service to offer customers. If a company does not have the capacity to do so, it can be a costly, stressful, and an unorganized ordeal that can lead to customer dissatisfaction. For businesses who want to try offering same-day delivery to customers, it can be made possible with the help of effective delivery and package tracking solutions.

Employing reliable couriers who use package tracking software can streamline deliveries, and provide customers with the satisfaction of knowing exactly when their delivery will arrive.  


One of the biggest challenges for small businesses who offer same-day delivery is the difficulty of knowing ahead of time what orders will be placed. This makes it hard to  plan ahead and have enough available inventory. It can also be difficult for small businesses to fill orders in under an hour if they only have few staff available.

Hiring a team of couriers or using fulfillment centres can also be expensive, especially for businesses that are just starting out. The profit from products must be high enough to cover same-day delivery costs, including the possible costs of shipping orders by air.


It is not uncommon for stores to have inaccurate inventory if the inventory system is not updated frequently. For same-day delivery to work, businesses must keep track of all inventory coming in and out, as well as constantly update their inventory online. This way customers won’t be misled and order something that is out of stock. A package tracker can keep inventory constantly updated by scanning inventory items as they are shipped.


In order for same-day delivery to work, businesses must have reliable delivery drivers who are dedicated to the business and meeting delivery needs. Often times, this requires paying above-average salaries and offering employee benefits to maintain employee satisfaction and morale. For smaller businesses, these extra costs are not practical.

Many customers want a seamless experience, by dealing with only one company, and avoiding having to rely on a middleman for their deliveries. Reliable package tracking software can help drivers be reliable, and streamline deliveries with effective route planning.


Customers who order same-day deliveries expect their shipments to arrive within a certain time—that’s the whole point of offering this instant-gratification service. If the expected delivery is too long, customers might go elsewhere to shop. Businesses need reliable couriers or delivery drivers to make sure all deliveries arrive on time, especially for same-day delivery. To avoid having customers wait around all day for a package, a reliable package tracking app can give customers complete visibility of their shipments, so they know when to expect their deliveries.  

Same-day delivery services can be costly for small businesses. That being said,  if a business has the capacity to handle the fast-paced and urgent order fulfillment, these deliveries can be done efficiently with the help of reliable delivery software.

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