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Last Mile Delivery Software Helps Expand Delivery Networks

Delivery firms use last mile delivery software to develop drop-off networks with retailers

Eliminating multiple delivery attempts is key for delivery firms who want to manage last mile delivery costs.  In the highly competitive world of last mile delivery cost reduction is vital. Successful firms are developing partnerships with retailers.  These networks are located within close proximity to consignees – typically online shoppers.  With 57% of shipping costs consumed by last mile delivery operations retail networks cab be a key boost for profitability. In addition:

  • delivery firms eliminate the cost of having to make second and third delivery attempts
  • parcel theft is eliminated
  • customers can collect their deliveries at a convenient location, close by
  • retail partners enjoy an increase store traffic


How easy is it?

For retailers

ShipTrack includes everything to enable alternate delivery drop-off sites and zero additional cost.  All a partner needs is a smartphone or tablet at the retail site to scan, store and track packages in addition to capture customer signatures when they pick up shipments… THAT’s it.  ShipTrack will even notify online shoppers as to where they can collect their delivery, automatically.

For drivers

When a delivery driver arrives at a location to make a delivery, if no one is whom he/she simply clicks a button and ShipTrack will identify the closest partner site.

For customers

Consignees receive convenient updates via email and can easily locate drop off point addresses that are presented on tracking maps.  They can pick up parcels on the way home or during their next shopping trip as most drop off sites are located near / in shopping malls.

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