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Delivery Software For High Value Shipments

In order to securely ship high value items, a transparent and highly organized delivery management software must be in place.

In order to excel at high security shipping, a transparent and highly organized supply chain is a must.

High value items require special attention and security measures when shipping. This can range from extensive tracking to environmental monitoring. Offering reliable and efficient high value deliveries is a great way to differentiate your business from competing companies. These are the services you need to provide:

  • Documentation
  • White Glove Services
  • Custom Containment
  • Expedited Services

Offering high security delivery requires technological solutions to effectively manage your fleet and sensitive shipping needs. The features and solution you require can all be accessible through the use of a logistics software, like ShipTrack. These are the features you need to offer the requirements of high security delivery.

Live Shipment Tracking

Live shipment tracking allows for 24/7 hour security on valuable shipments as they are in transit. ShipTrack’s tracking platform allows you to see the location at every point of the supply chain, whether it’s on route with a courier, in a warehouse or entering the last mile. These metrics are based on the driver who’s delivering, and their last log of the shipment, you’ll never lose sight of the package.

Full Reporting & Analytics

Accurate reporting and analytics make for several uses in a high security situation. Reporting can cover a variety of data and statistics such as delivery times, route optimizations and time stamps. These reports will be ideal when comparing and analyzing the performance of your shipments for high value items. Other forms of reporting that are essential, is photo capture. Photo capture will allow you to have live view of your shipment wherever it is, and check for damages.


Auto-Dispatch allows you to assign which drivers will deliver best for the high value shipment. Whether it’s geographically targeted, based on which driver is closest, or performance based. Auto dispatching can assign specific employees to deliveries to offer specific white glove services.

Proof of Delivery

Confirmed via GPS location tracker to acknowledge its reached the end destination, or with more high security object, with a signature capture from the end receiver. Proof of delivery is an extra level of security to make sure your high value shipments end up where they are meant to end up.

Being able to support high value shipments can be a deciding factor when vendors are choosing a delivery partner. With the right technological solution you can provide a unique service offering to your customers and truly differentiate yourself from the competition.

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