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Embracing Express Delivery in 2017

How Companies Can Embrace Express Delivery in 2017 With Intuitive And Inventive Services

This year, retailers must come up with intuitive and inventive services to keep customers satisfied. With Amazon’s evolving shopping experiences, such as the Amazon Go grocery stores where customers pick up their groceries without paying in person, the competition is growing for retailers to provide exceptional services for customers. The bar has been raised for retailers, and express delivery has proven to be the answer to satisfying the instant gratification demand.

This means more shopping online, usually with mobile phones, and scheduling express deliveries to their homes or to stores for pickup. In fact, express delivery is one of the most popular means for improving customer satisfaction in 2017. But retailers must remember that efficient and fast deliveries involve smooth operations with minimal added costs.

The Ever-Expanding Multi-Channel Retailers

Multi-channel retail is a thing of the now, and retailers must get on board if they want to retain and expand their customer base. Multi-channel retail includes the options for customers to make purchases online and have their products shipped either to their home or to1616 a nearby store for pickup.

With these options, express delivery is a service that must be offered to please customers. The faster their products are shipped to their home or store, the greater their instant gratification will be.

An alternative to shipping to stores from a retail warehouse is to have the products available in-store and set aside following an online purchase for an even faster pickup. This is similar to the system that the Amazon Go grocery store has, and other retailers are catching on.

Staying Connected

By providing both online and in-store shopping, retailers have an advantage over online-only stores. Going back to the need to provide instant gratification to customers, there is a significant difference between waiting a week or two for a delivery (or even a couple of days) and providing same say express delivery or in-store pickup within the hour.

Express delivery for other services, such as ordering food via mobile phones, is also gaining speed. With Postmates in the U.S., retailers can expand their customer base and get their products to customers within half an hour. Postmates and UberEats both operate with mobile apps that connect customers, retailers, and delivery drivers. These mobile apps allow customers to place orders, pay online, and track their deliveries.

The apps also send the orders to restaurants and retailers, and dispatches delivery drivers to pick up and deliver the food. Estimated delivery times for UberEats can be as short as 15 minutes.

Reasonable Express Services

With the growing demand for expedited shopping experiences, retailers will need to stay on top of their services, especially with express delivery. However, delivery drivers cannot be overwhelmed because their safety and the quality of service will be at risk. Delivery fees also must remain reasonable so customers don’t shop elsewhere. Customers are willing to pay for instant gratification, but not too much.

Express delivery can be a challenge, but it pays dividends in the long-run… or is that short-term? No matter how you look at it, it’s clear that businesses hoping to maintain and expand their customer base need to provide reliable express delivery services.

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