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New Postal Tracking Service Standards


In federal, provincial and municipal governments, there is a large requirement for post tracking. Considering how many agencies and departments there are in one particular country’s government, the number of packages and documents that need to be delivered in and out of each one is immeasurable. Whether there is a 2-page document that needs to be mailed to another department or a confidential package that requires special care, postal service tracking is essential for delivering on time, reducing shipping costs and increasing overall efficiency.

The complex needs of government service departments are only growing. Currently, there is need for tracking in sending out mail in many large volume cases. Such cases included taxation paperwork which is sent out to citizens which prompts them to fill out their tax forms. Voting instructions are another large volume mail application where more advanced tracking could prove incredibly beneficial. Governments today are required to secure the privacy of their citizens, and at the same time maintain reasonable costs.

Postal Service Tracking


ShipTrack empowers government organizations with postal tracking capabilities. Wondering how this can benefit governmental departments and help with public safety efforts?

Imagine that you are a manager at the food inspection agency in your country. Starting this past week, there have been reports of contamination in a particular brand of smoked ham and some consumers have gotten sick. The company has done a recall of the ham to stop any further people from falling ill. Part of your job in this situation is to track the pedigree of the food to see where exactly the ham came from and where the contamination could have occurred. This is a prime example of how a simple-to-use cloud-based tracking system like ShipTrack can support the interests of food inspection agencies.

ShipTrack Post Tracking Solution

Postal Service Tracking

ShipTrack offers a one of a kind solution to Postal Tracking, which benefits all government service departments by protecting the privacy of both citizens and officials.

Through the system’s detailed documentation (item-level scanning, signature capture, up-to-the-minute track & trace, route planning etc.), it becomes much easier to see exactly where the packages are and how long it will take to reach their final destination.

Now consider the national postal operator in your country. Needless to say there is an absolute need for a robust postal service tracking system to run seamlessly. With the hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail that get sent out each day, enabling the organization as well as senders and recipients to track their mail, is essential.

These are just a few of the numerous cases where ShipTrack acts an invaluable tool for postal tracking. It can help with documentation and chain of custody when it comes to water sampling, controlled drugs and even important historical documents in the national library and archives.

When you look at the bigger picture, ShipTrack is more than just a postal tracking system. It encourages the smooth operation of government departments and agencies, which in turn is for the good of the public.

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