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In some cases, a courier cannot reach the ultimate destination of a package, due to reasons like security or time constraints. In these instances, the shipment is often left with mailroom or reception staff at the location in question, after which the courier considers the delivery complete. This staff is then faced with receiving, storing and managing large volumes of packages, and ensuring that they are successfully delivered to their intended recipients, often with limited tools at their disposal.

Mailroom Tracking Solution

Enter ShipTrack. Mailrooms, mail centers and reception desks in large corporations, as well as campus environments such as universities, hospitals or any on-site mail distribution facility can benefit significantly from the features that ShipTrack has to offer. Not only does ShipTrack eliminate this problem by providing complete visibility and control of packages, including when they are delivered or re-delivered, it also provides a signed proof of delivery notification once packages reach their ultimate destination.

On college or university campuses, hundreds or even thousands of staff members and residential students receive deliveries every day. Many of these packages, whether they be research papers, library materials, or shipments destined for students, are time-critical, and if lost or misdirected, can mean serious negative consequences for all parties involved. The extent of automation provided by ShipTrack not only reduces lost packages, but gives users the ability to use their mobile devices to monitor when their shipments will arrive, and plan their days and corresponding activities accordingly.

Who else can benefit from this?

Large banking and insurance companies with multiple locations locally, nationally, or globally, can also benefit from ShipTrack. When a courier delivers a package to any location, the visibility of that package is often non-existent until it is delivered, or declared misdirected or lost. The resulting inefficiencies can have a negative impact on employee productivity, corporate reputation and customer relationships.

By employing the ShipTrack track and trace cloud-based architecture, which provides service anywhere around the globe, the ability to manage and distribute these packages increases significantly. These packages can not only be tracked on route to the campus, but within the four walls of the institution in question. Signed proof of delivery notifications also allow them to determine chain of custody in case of a lost delivery. ShipTrack also provides these mailrooms with the opportunity to store all information electronically and in real-time, eliminating the need for paper invoices and hardcopy storage, and increasing the accuracy of their records. Not only will this ultimately reduce the time spent doing paperwork, it can save these institutions anywhere from $0.15 to $0.50 per shipment received.

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