Professional couriers and local delivery services are driven in major part by the current e-commerce industry. Many professional couriers are obtaining contracts from high volume e-commerce companies by providing inexpensive and efficient delivery options in specific regions.

These companies are getting busier and busier, and customers are demanding the speed and accuracy that only technology can provide. With ShipTrack, these companies can take their services and customer satisfaction one step further. ShipTrack increases efficiency with features such as automatic route planning and driver dispatch, turn-by-turn directions and immediate re-routing capabilities. More driver time means more deliveries per truck, and faster deliveries can mean cost savings from $0.07 to $2.34 per shipment. The industry applications are limitless.

Shiptrack Technology

ShipTrack leverages technology currently being used by large international courier companies, and makes it accessible to the masses by removing traditional barriers such as cost and infrastructure. ShipTrack enables custom branding for any company, big or small. The system can be customized in order to provide branded proof of delivery, and a fully branded web portal. Smaller companies will also benefit from the flexibility of ShipTrack, enabling them to  pay only for what they use.

White Glove Service



If your company is one of many beginning to offer white glove service, ShipTrack can ensure that you follow through on your promise to provide special care and safely transport your customers’ most sensitive shipments. Customers are certainly more likely to trust your white glove service with these valuable shipments when you offer the complete visibility and control made possible by the ShipTrack technology.

For many professional couriers, the ability to trigger an invoice at the point of delivery will have an enormous impact on their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). It is of course in the best interest of any professional courier to collect outstanding payments as quickly as possible, and ShipTrack can help you do just that, while reducing errors and reconciliation labor. Rather than risking lost paperwork that could cost companies both time and money, ShipTrack enables automated electronic proof of delivery. Everything takes place electronically and in real time to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and control.

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