Proof of Delivery & Chain of Custody

The importance of proof of delivery in the shipping business cannot be understated. Currently, many proof of delivery and chain of custody processes are largely paper-based, increasing the risk of mistakes, disputes, and lost or misplaced shipments. ShipTrack can replace costly and paper-based systems with electronic signature capture, or complement existing processes to make them more efficient, accurate, and cost effective.


As an owner or operator of a shipping business, the benefits of ShipTrack for proof of delivery are invaluable. ShipTrack provides your clients with proof of delivery documentation automatically so you don’t have to. You can then invoice immediately, without waiting for the paperwork to arrive back at the office, reducing your waiting time for payment. With regular in-transit scans, you’ll know immediately when freight is misplaced, and have the ability to find it faster with online reporting. Never again will you receive phone calls from consignees or shippers asking where their freight is! If a customer does dispute a delivery, it’s very easy for you to view a detailed record of exactly what happened during the shipment, and where the delivery arrived.

With ShipTrack, consignees waiting for deliveries have access to up to the minute global tracking information about all of their shipments. When a shipment arrives, signature capture is collected on delivery using the ShipTrack mobile app. Electronic proof of delivery is then e-mailed to them the moment that cargo is received. A proof of delivery letter confirming delivery of a shipment in good order and condition can then be generated for their records, which includes details such as time of delivery, delivery address, and the name and signature of the person who accepted the shipment.


ShipTrack also allows organizations to cost-effectively document the chain of custody of items in motion. For several public safety organizations, the ability to establish the whereabouts and integrity of shipments is crucial to fulfilling their mandates. Take water sampling for example: from the samples’ collection points, the ShipTrack web visibility can store identification data as to where the samples are and when they arrive. This chain of custody tracking can be instrumental in establishing their pedigree.

ShipTrack provides simple, paperless proof of delivery. The system provides a highly accurate and complete audit trail with the help of GPS, in-transit scans, photos throughout delivery, and electronic signature capture.

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