If you work with a courier or transportation company,ShipTrack is an extremely useful and powerful tool. Regardless of whether you have one truck in your fleet, or hundreds, you need end-to-end visibility of all of your shipments. This can apply to big ticket items like furniture, windows & doors and electronics or smaller packages like books, clothing and kitchenware.



Freight Shipping Solutions

For example, there are plenty of small to medium-sized trucking companies that have been contracted out by huge e-commerce stores like Amazon or eBay to make their deliveries. Because there are a lot of intermediaries that touch the shipment between the warehouse and the end destination, sometimes tracking information gets muddled and the customer is left anxious, wondering where their products have gone. With ShipTrack, this problem is eliminated, saving you from having to stress about finding shipments and wasting precious time and money.


ShipTrack track and trace software offers easy route planning, driver dispatch, barcode scanning and more for companies like this to make deliveries more efficiently. In addition, ShipTrack can also track driver location, not just shipments, which improves safety and accountability for each shipment, and informs the client of the estimated time of arrival.

ShipTrack is a system that simplifies shipments and deliveries so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

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