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Make switch to paperless waybill tracking today with ShipTrack App

As any courier knows, waybill tracking is an important component of courier tracking and of any successful delivery.

The loss of a waybill can cause a multitude of problems. A waybill contains all pertinent details and instructions relating to a shipment of goods, including the name of the consignee, the point of origin of the shipment, and its destination.

Many courier companies are still using paper-based waybill tracking, which means important paperwork can be easily lost or misplaced.

With ShipTrack App completely paperless waybill tracking, companies can cut down on lost waybills, paper usage, and even toner costs!


Paper waybill stacks can make them difficult to track

Waybill tracking is made simple with ShipTrack’s accurate electronic shipment records. Detailed delivery information is sent directly to drivers’ mobile devices, where they can remotely update the status of all pick-ups and deliveries in real-time.

Following the delivery of any shipment, ShipTrack can automatically generate a proof of delivery letter confirming the delivery of a shipment in good condition. The customer will immediately have access to all records online, as well as the electronic signature of the consignee, for their files.

Many courier companies struggle to recover one hundred percent of their waybills. In some industries, the loss of a waybill can result in  financial penalties. For example, any firm delivering controlled substances could face steep government fines for the loss of even a single waybill.

ShipTrack App allows you to track waybills from any device

For this reason, paperless tracking is extremely important. Don’t risk your company’s profits on a process that could easily be remedied with the ShipTrack App.

Contact ShipTrack and we will set you up with you very own ShipTrack App account, and you will never worry about lost waybills again!


Eliminate paper waybills with ShipTrack App

To track waybills though the traditional paper process requires a dedicated resource to sort, file, and scan any pertinent data. These records are often stored on the premises or off-site at an additional cost.

But by using ShipTrack App for waybill tracking your company can reduce overall operational expenses, improve operational efficiency, and manage resource utilization. Most importantly, you will never lose a waybill again! 

The capabilities that your company, no matter the size, will gain by using ShipTrack track and trace technology will be invaluable. That’s because our app can do way more than just track a few waybills. ShipTrack App can track an entire fleet of couriers and delivery trucks, while providing near real-time tracking information both to the company and the customer.

Web based interface allows for easy tracking

The customer will know when your courier will arrive, regardless if it is a regular delivery or an overnite one. And upon arrival, rather than have your couriers arrive with a paper waybill for a signature, they will now make their deliveries with an electronic device that will capture the consignee’s signature and automatically send them the information about their delivery to their e-mail.

Your customers will be impressed that your company has gone paperless which helps the environment, and that you value and protect their personal information.

ShipTrack App offers ease-of-use, efficiency, and accuracy! Are you ShipTrack enabled?

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