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Do you want to take over the world?

With ShipTrack and its international mail & waybill tracking features at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to enhance your world courier tracking capabilities.

Track packages, mail, and courier deliveries locally and internationally using a simple, easy to use App for iOS and Android! If you need international mail tracking, or a way to provide your customers with exact information on their packages, ShipTrack App helps you do all that, and much more.

Global Presence

Having a global presence is not an unattainable goal that only dreamers can aspire to. If you want to “deliver the goods” on an international scale, you will need a reliable, robust, and comprehensive mail tracking system to support international shipping across borders and oceans.

Before now such systems required hardware, people, and expensive PC international mail tracking software. ShipTrack App replaces the hassles of expensive systems by utilizing existing hardware and deploying to the most popular mobile OS platforms with no start up costs for your business!

International Market

Consider this example: a Canadian company that makes custom graphic t-shirts with creative designs that start to appeal to the international market. The operation is growing fast thanks to a flurry of positive word-of-mouth reviews that have now trickled into the United States.

They want to start receiving orders from and delivering to their neighbors to the south in order to grow their business. It just so happens that their current courier company also ships globally and is using ShipTrack for both national and international tracking. This allows the Canadian t-shirt company to track any type of package or international mail on virtually any computing device!


With world courier tracking, it becomes doubly important to know where your shipment is. Shipping across borders opens up the possibility of more delays.  This is because your product has to travel greater distances and be subjected to border security checks.

In the case of this t-shirt company, ShipTrack empowers them to know where the shipment is at all times. In addition customers have customer access to this tracking information.

The customer has peace of mind knowing that their merchandise is in-transit.  There are no concerns the shipment might be lost forever in the Bermuda Triangle of international mail centers.

World Courier Tracking

ShipTrack’s unique track and trace system works on a per use basis; saving your business money and never requiring upfront capital to get started. You will no longer need paper invoices, or worry about lost records. Package tracking across the world is simply more cost effective with ShipTrack.

Our software can be used on various computing devices, including iOS and Android smartphones. If you are spending money on hardware for tracking capabilities for your courier and international shipments, therefore you should switch to ShipTrack!


If an international customer decides to call you inquiring about the estimated date of arrival of their order, all you need to do is log in to your ShipTrack portal and check where the package or mail was last scanned. You can then quickly and easily relay that information to your customer!

ShipTrack’s international mail tracking capability delivers superior customer service and comprehensive tracking information.

Truck delivers international mail


As a business delivering packages to customers abroad, you need the ability to:

  • Plan the shipment’s route (detailed maps and GPS breadcrumbs)
  • Review the chain of custody (CoC)
  • Rapidly enter shipment information
  • Check on delivery status
  • Create detailed reports

ShipTrack App can do all that and much more! There are no start up costs, no hardware to buy, and no servers to maintain. ShipTrack App works on Android and iOS. Therefore, any computing device can access the web interface from anywhere in the world.

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