Streamline & Optimize with Descartes ShipTrack

Learn more about our high performance, cloud-based delivery tracking and route optimization software solutions.

ShipTrack includes a dedicated administration portal that delivers point & click simplicity for overall configuration and management of the workflows as well as detailed analytics and reporting. The administration portal allows the user to configure the basic workflows that will then be used in the other ShipTrack modules. Some of the things you can do from the Administration Portal:

For internal or third party logistics providers the requirement to measure and report on the performance of operations is critical for many reasons:

For more advanced reporting and analytical analysis functions, all of our data can be automatically exported to a third party system or a data warehouse in order to create predictive analytics using AI or BI tools such as Descartes Analytics.

ShipTrack’s mobile & route planning app for delivery drivers is a simple-to-use iOS or Android app that receives incoming delivery orders and communicates the status of deliveries automatically and in real-time to ShipTrack’s cloud-based system.  It also includes safety checklists as well as features like one touch integration to the Waze app that contribute not only to more efficient deliveries but to driver safety and accessibility as well.  ShipTrack has the ability to assign vehicles to routes and drivers to vehicles in order to create a clear picture of what is happening operationally.

Selecting the optimal route to deliver a parcel in the past was dependent on the experience and knowledge of the dispatcher. In today’s complex and fast-paced logistics environment with staff turnover and constantly increasing workloads, automation is the only way to remain competitive. Route optimization algorithms built-into ShipTrack route planning app ensure every delivery order is delivered in the fastest and most efficient way possible. By accounting for many more variables that a human could possibly manage, ShipTrack’s route planning app increases delivery capacity, reduces staff workloads and enables compliance to delivery SLA’s.

This is a value-added service and will incur additional charges. Please contact us for details.