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How to Offer Better Customer Service as a 3PL

Customer service isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of transport, warehousing and logistics, but in fact, it is one of the key factors for a successful 3PL company. Customer service touches on many aspects in the logistics industry, from communication with third-party partners, delivery and quality control, and administrative duties. 3PL’s work with every point of the logistics industry from retailers, manufacturers and last mile delivery, making it crucial to provide top-notch customer service for all customers.

Delivery Performance:

In order for a 3PL to be successful, they must be able to deliver their partner’s shipments in a timely, and orderly fashion. Each delivery should be optimized to be received at the intended time, and have a record of who handled the shipment at each touch point, as well as full analytical reports of delivery performance. Offering these services allow you and your customer to have full visibility of your delivery process, making it easy to measure efficiency and make intended changes in the future.

Administrative Duties:

Many logistics companies are plagued by never ending calls of customers asking where their shipments are on route. Offering your customers an online portal to track their shipment in real-time with full reports on who is handling each shipment will not only reduce your administrative costs exponentially, but allow your customers to feel in control of their own shipments. Additional features that can be offered are route optimization and ETA’s.  

Quality Control:

One of the biggest mishaps in 3PL customer service is regular late and damaged deliveries. Having full visibility of your supply chain, from drivers to ETA’s, will allow you to stop discrepancies before they happen and ensure 100% satisfaction every time. Supply chain visibility is your way to keep track of your fleet, shipments and jobs in an organized and efficient way.

Customer service is a make or break in the logistics industry for gaining new clientele and having a good business reputation. Ensure your clients that their shipments are in the right hands by investing in technological solutions that allow you to track your delivery performance, quality control and customer inquiries.

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