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Managing 3PL Partnerships for Retail

As a retailer, certain opportunities may not be within reach of your available fleet. When this situation occurs, third-party logistics (3PL) come into the picture to help finish the job.

Picture this – You make a sale through your eCommerce site (yay!) but when you see the location you know some extra measures need to be made. Your fleet only covers your intimate area (40 km) and this sale was made in a city over – what do you do? Simple, you make a connection with a third-party logistics organization to finish the job for you.

While any third-party logistics can extend the reach of your business, it’s important to leverage a carrier who provides data and visibility over your deliveries while working together.

Here are some of the options our partners offer:


Shipment Tracking

When your shipments go onto a third party truck, they can become invisible until they reach the end destination. This is a prime time for damages and losses to happen. Carriers that offer shipment tracking will let you keep close tabs on your shipments wherever they are, regardless of whose handling them. With the right software, you can have full visibility of your shipments from beginning to end location. With ShipTrack, each time your packages are scanned, you have direct sight of where it on a map, who scanned it and photo prompts if needed.

Uniform Data

With each 3PL, comes different operating systems, different operating procedures and different analytics. Using a software that can take the individual data and transform it into a single report of uniform data from all outside companies is crucial. This brings all the information you need in one place, based on several different systems. This uniform data will allow you to streamline your processes, keep tabs on your logistic partners and most importantly, know how efficiently your deliveries are being actioned.

Measurement Capabilities

Choosing the right 3PL partners to transfer your goods is crucial. There are many things to consider when working with an outside party such as delivery performance, efficiency, transparency, and consistency. When you use a software that allows you to track the journey and efficiency of your deliveries, as well as reporting and analytics tools based from outside operations you can make educated decisions based on who you should work with. These measuring capabilities give you insights you need to work with impressive 3PL’s you can trust and be the extended presence of your brand.


Third-party logistics are a vital part of the supply chain. Find out the right way for your company to manage your 3PL’s is crucial to brand control, efficiency, and overall customer service. Keep control of your shipments and operations, even with third party workers with the help of technical solutions and proper managing capabilities.

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