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Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery is a large and growing industry.  Delivery firms need flexible, powerful solutions to manage cannabis delivery.  Here’s how ShipTrack is helping one cannabis delivery firm.

Download The Guide!
Download The Guide!


To securely manage and in addition, ensure compliance of cannabis pickup & delivery operations.


Deploy ShipTrack, a cloud-based, SaaS logistics delivery management platform. The solution includes vehicle dispatch and mobile app for driver load management. In addition the app provides GPS location tracking and signature/image capture. All data is securely stored, backed-up and immediately available under secured access.


As a result of deploying ShipTrack the firm is now enjoys significant benefits:

  • Delivery drivers easily collect all of the necessary field data for the firm.
  • Whenever cannabis changes hands, an easily retrievable Chain of Custody record is established along with GPS co-ordinates, signatures as well as date/time stamps.
  • Management has the piece of mind knowing that should regulations evolve in the cannabis delivery business that ShipTrack’s flexibility will allow them to adapt to new workflows.

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