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The Manufacturing Industry Needs Tech

Manufacturing employs about 1.7 million Canadians – just under 10 per cent of the Canadian workforce. In fact, the largest employer of all Canadian manufacturing is the food and beverage manufacturing sector, making it an even bigger employer than the auto manufacturing.

The world of manufacturing has undergone dramatic changes over the past several decades. As a result, the public perception of Canadian manufacturing bears little resemblance to the reality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Manufacturing is a vital contributor to the Canadian economy, and to the living standards of all Canadians. It is, in fact, the most important economic sector in the country, accounting for two thirds of Canada’s exports and 42 per cent of all research and development. It is the lynchpin of the Canadian economy.

How ShipTrack Helps Manufacturing?

ShipTrack™ is the supply chain management platform of choice for Manufacturing companies who want to use technology to increase business results, performance and innovate. What is ShipTrack™? It is the world’s most innovative logistics management platform tied to an app that helps to modernize the manufacturing supply chain from end to end. ShipTrack™ includes a mobile app for drivers, a carrier administration panel to manage deliveries and a branded internet portal for customers to track and trace deliveries. From automation, load validation and the customer experience, our platform allows manufactures to benefit from cloud based technology. Cloud computing can improve connectivity across multiple plants and companies can share data reducing both costs and production times. The shared data also goes a long way in improving product quality and consistency between plants.

ShipTrack’s cloud based tracking application is highly agile, customizable, and scalable to enhance current standard operating procedures. ShipTrack™ provides a platform that will do everything a regular track and trace software does, but goes beyond with advanced routing, insight analytics, and a future proofed design ready for multiple operating systems. It is designed to work with a wide variety of rugged scanners and consumer devices. ShipTrack™ acts as the bridge that connects plant workers, distributors, contractors, third parties, and consumers. It is the ultimate tool to meet future demands for manufactures.

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