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Measuring Delivery Success

Measuring the success of your company based on delivery performance and overall employee satisfaction is made possible with the full management platform ShipTrack offers.

Growing and evolving your business should always be a number one priority. Being able to measure your company’s growth paves the way to better insights and a greater understanding on how to speed up operations and provide the best customer experience possible. With ShipTrack, you can measure performance, establish accurate chain of custody, and ensure that the condition of the shipments are constantly being monitored.

Delivery Performance

Delivery performance is data collected from analyzing your driver’s delivery times. This includes comparing how long it took the driver to pick up the product versus how long it took them to drop it off. Other measuring capabilities include overall delivery service. For example, was the package damaged after being moved by the driver, did they capture signatures for each point of contact and was the truck in good condition etc. when it arrived back at that depot. These types of analytics will allow you, as an employer, to manage an impressive delivery fleet and instantly recognize any patterns or discrepancies.


Reporting is an excellent way to have quantitative data at your fingertips about how the overall system is functioning. ShipTrack offers a variety of custom reporting, as well as a reporting module in the dashboard to create your own reports based on available data. Custom reporting can provide you with detailed information about your shipments such as damages, shorts, overages, general customer tracking, on time delivery and much more. These reports provide the analytics you need to accurately compare your delivery performances by route, driver hub etc., and identify what areas need improvement for better customer service.

Innovative Service

To be a competitive and innovative leader in your industry, you must always be working towards improvement and advancement in your operations. With the benefit of driver and delivery performance analytics, you are able to improve the reliability of your chain of custody, work towards increased delivery times and decrease the amount of losses and damages for your shipment loads. These attributes will allow you to enter the market as an organization that can adhere to same-day delivery needs, reliable white glove services and efficient delivery routes – all valuable features to promote as an innovative organization.

ShipTrack will not only streamline your processes of having full control and visibility of your chain of custody, but also allow you to measure all your efforts in an organized and efficient way. Don’t take off in your business endeavors blind to improvement, but rather, measure and analyse your progress for better business practices.

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