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How Medical Deliveries are Dependent on Tracking & Tracing Software

Did you know that nearly 22 patients in the US don’t receive their life-saving organ transplant on time?

As of May 2017, Donate Life America reported that approximately 120,000 people are awaiting a life or death medical transfer, whether it’s an organ or medical deliveries, to improve their quality of life.

If you own or manage a pharmacy, lab, or hospital you are most likely regularly ordering medical equipment and supplies. These shipments are often time-sensitive items such as specimens and live organs.

The importance of hiring a courier company with the best technology is essential to reducing life-costing mistakes. ShipTrack, a technology leader in the transportation industry, empowers same-day couriers to be quick and ensure prompt delivery. This focuses on three core areas:

Proper Handling and Chain of Custody

ShipTrack’s app gives drivers all the information at their fingertips, including special comments and turn-by-turn directions. Logic-based barcodes assist in proper inventory and maintenance, even when using third-party carriers.

Visibility and real-time updates

Knowing when something critical like blood is arriving, is made easy with automatic notifications. This lets hospitals prepare in advance, ultimately saving lives.

Integrations to existing systems

Electronic Data Interchange (known as EDI) reduces dispatch time and increases communication between various locations, and enables mobile devices with real-time updates.

A company using ShipTrack can provide the necessary chain of custody, integrations and invoicing with automated routing for stat or rush deliveries. With proof of delivery and the ability to send information between systems, each order can be sent to your accounting system and invoiced to your client automatically.

While only 5% of a group of 500 reported receiving a medical delivery the same day they ordered it, nearly half said they hoped to receive it the same day.

Do you know where your organ is?

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