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Multi-site Tracking Of Shipments

Organizations Spread Across Campuses, Multi-building Or Multi-Location Sites Benefit From Real-time Logistics Shipment Tracking

Manufacturers, utilities and even municipalities have sophisticated logistics processes that underpin operations.  These operations are complex and spread out over a campus, a city or across countries.

Ice Storm

Many of us remember the 1998 ice storm and scenes of destruction to the power grid.  Electrical transformers caught fire.  Trees and ice brought down electrical poles.   Buckled transmission towers were widespread.

Electrical utilities expended tremendous effort to rebuild energy grids.  How much more efficient would those efforts had been if:

  • Field workers new when items were arriving so that they could prepare sites for new installations.
  • Transportation dispatchers had complete visibility of delivery vehicles available.
  • Drivers always used the shortest, fastest routes for pick ups and deliveries.
  • Supervisors were notified when their items were out for delivery and could accurately schedule resources.


Manufacturers of complex systems or sub-assemblies that must move from one site to another across a campus, a city or a country are often operating within tight deadlines.  Partially finished goods and assemblies must arrive at their destination so the manufacturing process can be completed. Transport mode can be road – some will go by rail or sea.  Others will travel by air.   And in many cases items traverse multiple transportation modes.

ERP Updates

A electrical utility is a case in point.  Moving assets from one location or cost center to another, requires that ERP databases receive updates to reflect these re-assignments. One real-world example revolved around a challenge of losing sight of an asset even though it had to be physically delivered to another site.  By deploying ShipTrack, the firm leveraged the platform’s electronically-delivered pick-up and delivery information to quickly and efficiently ensure their ERP data was updated quickly and accurately.


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