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Why You Need Item Level Tracking

Did you know that worldwide cargo loss in 2015 totaled an estimated $55 billion USD? What about the fact that the average retail store’s inventory accuracy is only about 65%? Those who deal in retail know all too well, that being able to manage shipments in transit, and products in stores is a tall task.

Most organizations in retail and transportation combat this by implementing various technological solutions to manage their fleets. The issue many of these organizations still face is that fact that a number of these technologies simply track the trailer. Being able to track to the item level not only benefits the retailers and couriers, but the drivers, customers and store employees alike.

Item Level Tracking for Drivers

One of the issues warehouse users and truck drivers currently face is the picking and packing process. Even today, this is a logistical process where human error often occurs. Simply loading the wrong shipment onto a trailer or forgetting to load a shipment will eventually cause misrouting and delays in delivery.

ShipTrack’s mobile application for drivers provides a simple and intuitive way for users to manage shipments to the item level. ShipTrack notifies a driver when they are loading the wrong shipment onto a trailer and when a shipment has yet to be loaded. ShipTrack users have been able to reduce the number of misrouting cases and delays in delivery through better item level management.

Item Level Tracking for Customers

In the age of digital retail, customers orders often have multiple items associated to it. The one issue that often arises in this case is when some items are in stock while others may not be. How do retailers manage this shipment? Do they wait to ship an order in its entirety and delay the delivery process, or do they ship some of the items now and others later?

ShipTrack provides the ability to manage shipments at an item level, providing the ability to ship some items now and others later. In ShipTrack, customers are afforded the ability to track each item of their order individually, should this be the case, and enjoy the face that their shipments are delivered sooner.

Item Level Tracking for Retail Associates

Retail store employees also stand to benefit from item level lookup when implementing a Buy Online, Ship to Store solution. In many cases, when a customer comes to pickup a package in store, the retail associate must locate the individual package amongst many others for pickup which can be a timely process.

A ShipTrack enabled retailer has to simply type in the recipient’s name into the database and is provided a specific location where the parcel is kept. This is done with ShipTrack’s bunking feature and can identify if a parcel is in a specific aisle, shelf, etc..

As you can see, being able to track to the item level provides many benefits to users across entire organizations. What are you doing to reduce cargo loss and improve customer service?

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