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How Overnite Courier Saved My Trip

The Benefits of Delivery Express for Forgotten Items

Preparing for my first big trip to Europe was nerve-wracking, to say the least. Knowing what to pack, how to pack, and making sure I had all of the necessities had my mind spinning in circles for days. I was set to stay with family in Chicago before flying out, so I could, at the very least, over-pack before leaving home, and fine-tune my luggage during my stay with them. Looking back on it now, I was fortuitous to have just learned about overnite courier and delivery express service. Over-packing turned out to be the least of my worries.

With all of my luggage splayed out on my old bed, I frantically lifted every sock and t-shirt to make sure I hadn’t forgotten my passport; though after 30 minutes of looking I was certain my most necessary traveling possession was sitting comfortably on my kitchen table back at home. I shot my roommate a text, and he quickly confirmed my anxious suspicions. What was I going to do? My mind raced and I finally settled on trying out something I had read about only a couple of days before: delivery express on overnite courier items. It was my only option if I was going to get my passport on time, so I asked my roommate to grab it, and get to the post office to have it delivered to me via overnite courier. He did so with gusto, and confirmed he had sent it via delivery express, sending me a tracking number and all.

I had never known it could be so easy to track an overnite courier item that was sent via delivery express. Using an app on my phone, I was able to track my passport in real time as it made its way to Chicago. By accessing digital signatures and photos, of my package being transferred from one driver to the next, I was assured that my package was going to make it on time. Even a brief pause in delivery due to traffic didn’t stress me out, as I was updated in real time the reason for the delay, and upon closer inspection I saw the traffic was only temporary. Eyes glued to my phone, I saw my passport was due to arrive within a day of it being sent out via overnite courier, and sure enough I saw a driver round the corner just as the blue dot on my phone did the same. Hopping out of his van, the driver finalized his delivery, (express shipped and on time) and I signed for it with glee.

Overnite courier saved my day and I was able to begin my Euro-trip with the knowledge that delivery express works perfectly. While I won’t be forgetting my passport any time soon, at least I know that it will be in good hands if I ever do forget it again. Bon voyage, and thank you express delivery!

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