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Retail Technology is Changing Shopping

Consumers increasingly expect faster, better and more personalized service as well as supply chain visibility.

It’s a well-known fact that the retail landscape is changing dramatically in part, due to new technologies.  The debate that brick and mortar stores will be replaced by eCommerce is becoming irrelevant by new retail technology advances. These are the services your customers are demanding:

Same-Day Delivery

Retailers understand the value of, and have a long history providing home delivery.  The competitive nature of retail and the race to satisfy consumer expectations is redefining the term “Express Delivery” to actually mean “Same Day” delivery. Although not yet common-place, same day delivery will require a number of enabling capabilities, including:

  • Excellent management skills
  • Dependable delivery partners
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • Route optimization
  • Chain of custody tools
  • Delivery time-stamps

White Glove Services

White Glove Services are premium services for online shoppers.  These services are exemplified by more than just delivering an item. These include installing an appliance, assembling furniture or connecting a television.  Providing White Glove Services requires a reliable, knowledgeable fleet of drivers with excellent customer relationship skills. In dynamic retail environments, the ability to assign the correct driver to a delivery based on what White Glove Services are required is made possible with a flexible and easy to use delivery platform. 

Shopping Preference

Research into whether shoppers preferred shopping online or in-store has produced mixed results. Consumers preferred one or the other depending on what their needs were. Online shopping is very convenient, especially with advanced delivery features such as express delivery and White Glove services. Consumers who shop in person are looking for an experience rather than an online ‘click and go’ transaction.  Brick and mortar shopping can also involve a higher level of customer service and technology-driven experiences, such as those based on virtual reality.

Retail eCommerce is experiencing accelerated growth, while at the same time consumers are having increasingly extravagant expectations.  Leveraging technology solutions that allow you to keep up with evolving requirements builds competitive advantage and revenue growth. ShipTrack offers retailers and their logistics partners an integrated solution that streamlines delivery processes while providing visibility and capability to offer top-notch customer services.

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