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New Businesses Should Offer Home Delivery

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging endeavor, and adding the layers of e-commerce and home delivery to the mix can make it even more challenging.

Are you starting your own retail business? Are you trying to speed up your current shipping process? Looking at offering home delivery? These initiatives are all possible – as long as you know how to properly manage your inventory for the last mile. Dealing with inventory and shipping can be intimidating at the start.  By using the right tools for the job you can make the process a lot less painstaking.

These are all the steps to getting your shipping underway:

Inventory Control

Keeping track of inventory can be overwhelming, especially if you are considering doing so manually – via paper and excel sheets. To have a solid grasp on what inventory you are shipping out you need a management software. Using a software, such as ShipTrack,  can allow you to keep tabs on the inventory and partners you employ for fulfillment via barcode and GPS tracking. By assigning barcodes to your inventory, you can see exactly where shipments are at all times.

Parcel Tracking

It may seem like a risky thing, trusting your deliveries to an outside company to get them to where they need to be. If you run all of your deliveries on a track and trace software, you don’t need to worry about losing visibility of shipments. With track and trace you can have full visibility and control of where your shipments are. Take control of your shipments, and depend on more than just someone’s word.

Driver Management

For organizations that are running their own fleets you know it is no small feat – and good on you if you are at that point! One of the most prominent challenges in managing a fleet is driver visibility and control. It makes total sense to want to know where your drivers are during a delivery and if they are meeting the set expectations and getting the job done well. ShipTrack tracks each driver when logged into the app on the device with a GPS locator, so you can have real-time tracking of where your drivers are and if they are on track for reaching their deadlines.

Proof of Delivery 

The point of contact with your end customer is crucial, and you want to ensure they have a seamless experience from order to delivery. Offering proof of delivery will ensure your shipments arrived in the right customer’s hands with no bumps along the way. During this transaction, you can offer an exceeded level of customer service and prove you are a mature organization based on your technical advantages by pushing the item location to your customer for the last mile, complete with ETA’s. Using proof of delivery gives you peace of mind knowing your deliveries are being delivered and recovered in an efficient and transparent matter.

However, by using the right software to automate, control inventory, track shipments and enhance the customer experience your operation will be simplified and allow for exponential growth. With a simple to use, yet intuitive software like ShipTrack, shipping and tracking your business is made easy.

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