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How to Stay Relevant in the Transportation Industry

Did you know that the trucking industry will grow an average of 3% over the next 5 years?

As of August 2017, American Trucking Associations reported that approximately $676.2 billion in revenue was generated in 2016 by the transportation industry in the United States.

The large sum of the market is dominated by large players such as; UPS ($61 billion), Union Pacific ($20 billion), and Delta Airlines ($10 billion) respectively. The common thread among these large transportation companies is their advanced technology platforms.

The importance of having a robust technology platform cannot be overstated. ShipTrack, a technology leader in the transportation industry, empowers transportation companies and couriers to ensure a prompt delivery by focusing on three core areas:

Proper Handling and Chain of Custody

ShipTrack’s app gives drivers all the information they need at their fingerprints, including special comments and turn-by-turn directions. Using logic-based barcodes assists in proper inventory and maintenance, even with third-party carriers.

Visibility and Real-Time Updates

Knowing when something critical like blood is arriving with automatic notifications, lets hospitals prepare in advance – directly saving lives. Shipments that are time-sensitive require live tracking technology to ensure they are delivered in an efficient and timely manner.

Integrations to Existing Systems

Electronic Data Interchange (known as EDI) reduces dispatch time and increases communication between various locations, customers, as well as enabling mobile devices with real-time updates.

For a courier company using ShipTrack, we provide the necessary chain of custody, integrations and invoicing with automated routing for any delivery. With proof of delivery and the ability to send information between systems, each order can be sent to your accounting system and invoiced to your client automatically. This will push your business to grow alongside the already massive transportation industry.

Would you like your piece of the $676.2 billion transportation industry’s pie?

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