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The Expanding Express Delivery Market

The Express Delivery Market And How Package Tracking Apps Can Improve Customer Service

Amazon recently partnered with grocery and wine retailers in France to provide express delivery to customers in Paris. Amazon Prime Now is an express delivery service that operates in major cities in the U.S. and Europe, offering a convenient “track my package” feature. For a yearly subscription fee, customers can get express delivery for groceries and alcohol within an hour or two.
Since Amazon Prime Now’s launch in France, French retailer Carrefour started offering express delivery services too. The demand for express delivery, especially for groceries and alcohol, continues to grow due to its convenience.

Customer Convenience

Not only does it save customers time, but it also saves them from having to carry groceries home. For customers who don’t have cars, or who have a busy schedule or physical disability, express delivery is very convenient.

As express delivery becomes popular, it is important for retailers to offer innovative ways to improve on customer service and experience. A package tracking app can help both customers and retailers. It does so by keeping track of their orders and provides  visibility on the delivery time and location of the orders.

Customers can use the “Track My Package” service by inputting a tracking code into a tracking app. This will give customers accurate delivery times so they can easily accept their deliveries. Once they take possession, a proof of delivery with the customer’s electronic signature is automatically sent.  The POD is sent to both customers and retailers to ensure deliveries are completed accurately. An easy-to-access record of all order information is stored to keep track of all shipments.

Provider Efficiency

A package tracking app can improve the efficiency and speed of express deliveries, minimizing delays while keeping customers updated with the status of their orders. In the case of an error or dispute, the up-to-date records can help customers and retailers resolve any issues.

Delivery couriers can also benefit from the GPS tracking and pre-planned delivery routes these apps offer. The routing options ensure the fastest, most convenient path for couriers, saving them time on the road so they can make more deliveries.

Retailers, couriers, and customers all benefit from the use of a package tracking app for express deliveries. By ensuring packages are delivered quickly, efficiently, and accurately, and providing “Track My Package” features, retailers will improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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