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How Tracking Chain of Custody Can Improve Your Business

Know Where Your Shipments are at All Times

Chain of custody refers to the ability to verify, track and trace the location of your items while they’re in motion. Depending on the industry your business is in, the ability to establish the location of packages and their condition can be a crucial part of increasing the efficiency of daily operations, establishing credibility, and improving customer satisfaction.

When a large organization like a bank, insurance company, university, and hospital receives mail it often ends up at a reception desk or in a mailroom and may not reach the person it was intended to reach. Tracking and tracing mail flow within an organization to the recipient can, and has, been used to improve the daily operations and efficiency of the system.

In industries working with perishable items such as food, environmental samples, and medical products (e.g. tissue samples and organs), the integrity and reputation of a business’ services and products hinges on guaranteeing the product arrives to the client or consumer on time and in good condition. Tracking the location and condition of products from the sample collection or harvest to the client or consumer is one simple step that can be taken to establish a business’s credibility in the field.

A business’s ability to track and trace products in transit and verify the chain of custody is needed to obtain some certifications that could provide a competitive edge to a company. For example, to receive a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for a product the supply chain company must possess an FSC Chain of Custody certificate. This certificate allows companies to label their products with the FSC logo. This symbol then demonstrates the company’s commitment to responsible forest management. Certifications can be a fast easy way to communicate a company’s commitment to an environmental cause in a clear way for a client or consumer, while also increasing credibility in the industry.

The capability to track and trace the path of a package is essential to establish reliability and improve customer satisfaction for a business whether it’s big or small. For a small e-business owner selling hand made goods, knowing their product’s chain of custody from its creation to the customer’s home allows the owner to trace when the product is received and accurately report on shipping timelines. The level of customer service will improve by providing product tracking to individuals, allowing accurate responses to a customer’s questions or concerns, and increasing the ability to proactively notify the customer of delays.

Needless to say, these are just a few of the ways a business could be improved by using chain of custody to track and trace materials in motion. Is your business ready to address the growing need for comprehensive package tracking?

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