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Use cases

Explore how our customers use ShipTrack to stay ahead of the competition, improve business processes and boost operational efficiency.

Courier – Last Mile

ShipTrack is used by couriers to respond to the growing demand for last mile delivery services as a result of the boom in ecommerce. The challenge for today’s last mile carriers is how to handle the ever increasing volume along with the rising consumer expectations for real time information.

Our solution allows a seamless flow of information throughout the supply chain and exposes that information to the consumer in real time. Along with a wide range of tools to automate everything from dispatch to updating the financial system, ShipTrack allows courier and last mile delivery companies to:

  • See their driver’s geo-location in real time
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Allows for containerization of multiple deliveries for a more efficient workflow
  • Provides a low-cost method for carriers to use agent partners as if they were employees
  • Automatic dispatch and a modern, drag and drop user interface to allow operators to make better real time decisions

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Postal Parcel Delivery

Postal organizations are faced with an incredible opportunity due to exploding global ecommerce demand along with a decline in their traditional sources of revenue.

ShipTrack’s technology allows them to transform operations from a traditional mail carrier model to a full-scale parcel delivery operation without dramatically changing their IT infrastructure. Our easy to deploy solution allows postal organizations to compete effectively in the parcel delivery space and offer the same customer experience that is expected by today’s consumer.

  • Conform to the UPU’s international parcel standards
  • Build a custom digital workflow around your existing processes quickly and easily
  • Train your workers in minutes instead of days with our intuitive mobile application

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Cannabis and Regulated Goods

The legalization of regulated marijuana products as well as other regulated items with a demand for home delivery has quickly become a reality.

ShipTrack’s ability to capture signatures and establish a digital Chain of Custody will help carriers ensure compliance and alignment with regulatory requirements. Having solid chain of custody records will allow you to reduce the exposure and liability that comes with handling regulated products.

  • Provide accurate chain of custody including a Blockchain secured option (contact us for more information about Blockchain)
  • Provide age verification workflow with proof of delivery
  • Ability to generate service type specific compliance reports on regulated deliveries


Home delivery of prescription drugs and medical supplies for segments of the population who are aging, home-bound or who lack mobility is fast becoming a critical service.

In most cases this will drive requirements for same day or even 1 or 2-hour delivery. Our platform allows independent pharmacies and large chains alike to meet stringent customer expectations while still meeting all regulatory requirements.

  • Quick easy dispatch of deliveries to the mobile application
  • Custom workflows allow for different business rules based on the type of drug being handled
  • Effective regulatory reporting
  • Application easily deploys to most smartphones


Improving the efficiency of student housing complex, corporate office and government mailroom operations ShipTrack’s scanning and tracking features. 

Our cloud-based technology simplifies single site as well as multi- locations operations spread across cities, states, counties and the globe.

  • Containerize deliveries to streamline distribution
  • Automate delivery routes

Corporate Shared Services

Many organizations must account for inventory and assets moving between divisions and systems that do not talk to each other.

ShipTrack integrates to ERP, WMS, TMS and other systems to offer a single pane of glass with which to track all of these movements. ShipTrack eliminates paper-based workflows while delivering unparalleled visibility to confirm that these items have reached their destinations.  This will prevent lost and misplaced inventory and help improve operational efficiency.

  • Create updates from multiple systems
  • Provide internal tracking page for inventory or asset movement
  • Document damages or exceptions with photos and/or comments
  • Scan location barcode of items

White Glove Service

In today’s highly-competitive world, companies are gaining an advantage and improving customer loyalty by providing value-added “white glove” services at the point of delivery.

A typical example would be the installation of new and removal of old furniture, appliances or office equipment.  ShipTrack’s features such as customer notifications, scheduled deliveries, GPS tracking, image management and signature capture are key examples of the tools white glove service providers need in order to set themselves apart.

Agent Partners

ShipTrack’s design, from the start, has always recognized the need to address the multi-carrier nature of logistics. 

Carriers want to provide service coverage to as many geographic locations as possible and the use of contract relationships on a day to day or seasonal basis has always posed a challenge. Partner onboarding is an easy 2-step process. 

  • An agent simply downloads the ShipTrack app free of charge from the iOS app store or Google Play store
  • The agent then logs in with the credentials provided by the company’s ShipTrack administrator, then can immediately start scanning and processing deliveries. 

Unlike most systems that require complex integrations or for the company to provide costly hardware and software licenses to its agents, The ShipTrack mobile application allows agents to use their own smartphones or mobile computers. By running your system and workflow, ShipTrack customers will fill the visibility gap normally associated with agent deliveries providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Deliver while maintaining company policies
  • Get paid faster by not waiting on paper POD’s or spreadsheets to be emailed
  • Provide first call resolution for customer service calls
  • Fast and easy deployment of agents on your existing system

Omni-channel Experience

ShipTrack enables even small organizations to offer the same customer experience as the leading brands.

With customer notifications, a self-service client portal, our tracking widget and our fully branded tracking page, you too can offer your clients an unparalleled experience!

NGO, Humanitarian Aid, Governmental Organizations

Humanitarian aid organizations around the globe deliver food, medicine, shelter and financial assistance.  The ability to react quickly while at the same time having visibility of where aid items are, when and where they were delivered are critical for operations and accountability.

  • Global reach and availability
  • GPS-based activity tracking
  • Vehicle dispatch and intelligent routing
  • Driver safety checklists
  • Delivery notifications and signature capture for chain of custody 

Organizations of every type from funeral homes to manufacturers to automotive parts vendors benefit from knowing where items in transit are and when they will arrive at their destination.  Regulatory compliance, financial management, operational visibility and customer service can all benefit from ShipTrack’s highly configurable process improvement algorithms.

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