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Courier – Last Mile

ShipTrack is used by couriers to respond to the growing demand for last mile delivery services as a result of the boom in ecommerce. The challenge for today’s last mile carriers is how to handle the ever increasing volume along with the rising consumer expectations for real time information.

Our solution allows a seamless flow of information throughout the supply chain and exposes that information to the consumer in real time. Along with a wide range of tools to automate everything from dispatch to updating the financial system, ShipTrack allows courier and last mile delivery companies to:

  • See their driver’s geo-location in real time
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Allows for containerization of multiple deliveries for a more efficient workflow
  • Provides a low-cost method for carriers to use agent partners as if they were employees
  • Automatic dispatch and a modern, drag and drop user interface to allow operators to make better real time decisions

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