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Last Mile Delivery Software for Amazon, Couriers, and 3PLs

With Descartes ShipTrackApp's DSP Tracking, Last-Mile 3PL's Can Seamlessly Optimize Their Operations

Navigating the Last-Mile Delivery Software Landscape

E-commerce is more popular than it’s ever been, and its popularity continues to grow. Consequently, there is a steeply rising demand for last-mile delivery software to accommodate this need. With this ever-increasing demand, what can last-mile 3PL's do to gain clearer visibility into their operations and further empower their business?

ShipTrack for Last-Mile 3PL's: Your Roadmap to Success

Consumers expect fast and reliable delivery options, accompanied by real-time tracking information, for their e-commerce purchases. If Amazon 3PL's aren’t equipped with these abilities, they risk losing business to competitors who can. Fortunately, ShipTrack is an easy and affordable way for 3PL's to provide consumers with real-time tracking information of their purchases while gaining several back-end technologies to enhance their business. Here’s how it works:

ShipTrack uses a wide variety of tools — a mobile app, self-serve portal, dispatch portal and administration, and tracking pages — to connect to internal databases that provide order information, status updates, PODs, and other information in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. These last mile delivery software tools allow ShipTrack clients to do everything seamlessly and efficiently; from order management to dispatch, and route optimization to proof of delivery — all in a paperless environment.


Why Last-Mile DSPs Need ShipTrack in Their Arsenal

Our cloud-based solution is affordable, easily adoptable, and provides your enterprise with several benefits, including:

Create Cluster Routes with Flexing Capabilities quickly and with full control

Flex and optimize and sequence routes and manage ETA’s with 360-degree visibility into your logistics operations.

Manage on-road exceptions more efficiently

Reduce the number of failed deliveries and drivers waiting for information from Dispatch with the industry’s best exception management and driver communication tools.

Improve your Inbound and Outbound scan compliance

As a Last Mile Logistics Provider, your performance is measured by the quality of scan data you return to your customers. ShipTrack can help you greatly improve scan compliance while improving operational efficiency.

Strengthen Your Proof-Of-Delivery

Digital signatures, contactless delivery, geo-location and photograph confirmations are ways to help your organization save time, and money while providing stronger support for chain of custody.

Invoice Faster

Build the data required to automate your invoicing through EDI files instantly, and have the data sent back to your Ecommerce partner in real time. (Quickbooks, Freshbooks and ERP integrations)

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide both your customers and CSRs with real-time access to shipment information, reducing call-center volume and enabling first-call resolution. 



For more info, download our Last-Mile 3PL brochure