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How to Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

Offering efficient and reliable deliveries to your customers is a top priority for maintaining customer satisfaction and retention. Choosing a trustworthy shipping company that uses package tracking software is the root to great customer service. Trackable shipping services (whether it be world-renowned couriers or smaller courier companies) can provide complete visibility from point A to point B, allowing you and your customers to keep track of parcels throughout the delivery process.

When choosing a shipping company for your business, look for the following reliable shipping services:


Most shipping companies that offer international shipping also provide some form of package tracking, which is necessary to ensure shipments are being delivered. This provides peace of mind to both businesses and customers. With a reliable package tracker, you can keep track of your packages when they are traveling overseas or across borders and receive immediate proof of delivery with an electronic signature.

If your shipments keep getting delayed in customs, then you might want to consider switching to another shipping company that will navigate parcels through customs more efficiently.


Look for shipping companies that include or offer insurance for all shipments. In the event that a shipment is lost or damaged, you can submit an insurance claim and receive compensation. While typical insurance with shipping companies is about $100 US, you can opt for shipments to be covered for more, depending on the value of your parcel. When choosing a shipping company, carefully look over their insurance policies to make sure your shipments are well-insured.


Since most customers want their orders delivered as soon as possible, you should be able to offer your customers express delivery options, as well as regular deliveries. Look for couriers who can provide same-day, next-day, and other express delivery options. With the use of a reliable package tracker, these express deliveries can become even more efficient with route-planning and dispatch software.

A reliable shipping company should use a package tracker for efficient operations, complete delivery visibility, and to improve the overall customer experience. A package tracker will not only ensure that shipments are on route and getting to the required destinations, but can also help couriers make more deliveries with route-planning software. Best of all, both you and your customers can keep track of the shipments to avoid uncertainty and worry along the way.   

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